Shh don't say the M word

Shh don't say the M word

I’m in my early 40’s. I’m a lot closer to menopause than not. But it is still considered a taboo word.

Especially in the US a lot of women and most companies would like to pretend menopause doesn’t exist.

However there are starting to be more companies and even some countries starting to talk more about menopause and the impact on the workforce, but there is still a huge stigma around it.

The U.K is ahead of the US and has even conducted research and studies on how menopause affects the workforce. A 2019 study by British United Provident Association Limited (BUPA) was cited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, (CIPD), a London-based association for human resource management professionals, reckoned almost 900,000 women in the U.K left the workforce because of menopausal systems. (Bloomberg Equality)

I’m willing to bet the number was actually higher in the U.K. and would be higher still if the same study was conducted in the US.

And for so many women they don’t even feel comfortable talking about it themselves, let alone in a job setting.
I want to help change that both professionally and in personal settings.

 And ones of the ways for me to do that, is by having blog posts and resources  feature regularly on the topic of menopause. It’s important to me as a small company and as someone who will be going through it myself to keep conversations flowing about different aspects of it.

The more people who normalize it the less stigma there is attached to it.
I have some avenues I plan on exploring more for you, especially how the expectation of your worth of being a woman is still tied to your ability to bear children. And how we change that conversation. Allowing you to celebrate your wisdom instead.

I know the topic of menopause can be HUGE!
So I want to hear from you, where are the pain points you would like me to explore? It can be related to your professional life or personal life. Or do you have questions you would like me to ask experts on? Send me an email or a private DM if you prefer.

Just because I have chosen to talk about it, I know others may not feel comfortable and that’s okay too.
That’s another reason why I want to provide information to you, so you can receive value even if you never publicly say a word.

*Original blog post was published on Medium, updated here April 2023
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