Booking Tara as a Podcast Guest

Tara Wilken Owner & Founder of Courageously Living

Tara has experienced significant periods of caregiving and loss throughout her life. Which has given her a profound understanding and empathy towards individuals facing similar situations.

Her company, Courageously Living, focuses on providing resources and gifts for situations that are often intangible, like caregiving or grief.

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Experience with Caregiving

Tara has done a lot of caregiving over the years.

Growing up her grandma had narcolepsy so she learned early on how important timely mediation is.

Since those early years, she undertook a lot of caregiving responsibilities as her grandparents aged and dealt with numerous illnesses.

Recently her mother under went 3 heart surgeries in under a year, so lots of caregiving was added to her plate.

Different Types of Caregiving

Tara has started labeling and talking about different types of caregiving. Because she feels caregiving often just gets lumped together. And there are so many differences in responsibilities, care and even the support caregivers themselves require.

Tara has been to more than 50 funerals and celebrations of life.

Tara's earliest funeral memory is not having her white shoes come anywhere close to touching the blue funeral home carpet. She was 3.

She has since dealt with grief for close family, not so close family members, friends and 8 co-workers.

Her first co-workers death was less than 3 months after she graduated college.

It's fair to say she has experienced a lot of grief in her life. And she is willing talk about any of it.

Dogs, Dogs and oh and Dogs

Tara grew up with big dogs and currently has two rescue German Sheperds.

She is pretty happy to cover any dog topic, including why she created Comfort Cards for Dog and Cat loss.

Origin Story of Courageously Living (hint it started as a Joke)

We won't give away the story, but her first product was based on joke.

Which is even weirder when you consider the compassion and empathy of the Courageously Living gifts and resources.

Ask her about it!

Entrepreneurial journey lessons, frustrations and tips

Tara loves helping other entrepreneurs on their journey by sharing her lessons and wins. And the messy parts.