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WHOLESALE Comfort Card Assortments Sets for Pet Loss (6 Units)

WHOLESALE Comfort Card Assortments Sets for Pet Loss (6 Units)

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Offering Comfort to Grieving Pet Owners with Comfort Cards

Provide your customers a gift that:

  • Provides at least 25 days of comfort
  • Acknowledges and gives permission for several emotions of grief.
  • Lets the recipient grieve on their own time (they open a card when they feel they could use some extra support)
  • Can be reused multiple times. Cards are strong and durable.
  • Is super soft to the touch.
  • Lasts longer than flowers.
  • Is more unique than what is currently available to get for someone dealing with a loss.
  • Can be given any time during the first year of loss. (Grief doesn't end after the first week.)

In the box:

  • 25 unique photo cards, individually sealed(envelope flap and color may vary)
  • Display stand


  • 3 complete Dog sets 
  • 3 complete Cat sets

For a total of 6 units.

If you would like to order 12 units (6 dog and 6 cat) for example the quantity you select should be 2.

Comfort Cards for this item only:  (3)Dog and (3) Cat Comfort Sets

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If your store is located in the Twin Cities Metro area, up to River Falls WI,  Tara will hand deliver these to your store. Helping you save on shipping costs. Use the code FREEDELIVERY .


  • Cards: Soft Touch finish, strong and durable

Twin Cities Delivery

  • As an approved retail store or Business, Tara will delivery your order.


  • Card size is approximately: 4.75 inches by 4.75 inches
  • Stand is approximately: 4.75 inches long, 1 inch wide and 1 inch tall


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