Uranus Opposition in Taurus, While Caregiving

Uranus Opposition in Taurus, While Caregiving

If you’ve been following me for a while you might know that I’ve learned a lot about Astrology in the last few years.

When I started to learn Astrology it was something interesting to look into for a different perspective for my business. However, as my family caregiving responsibilities have grown and are more stressful, learning astrology allowed me to have some down time, relax and reconnect with myself.

Astrology and Numerology also has allowed me to gain valuable insights as a family caregiver.

I do plan on writing some blogs about my learnings and caregiving in the future.

But for now let’s jump back the Uranus Opposition.

Uranus Opposition happens to everyone around your late 30's to your early 40's. (Depending on your birth chart.) You can get your birth chart at Astro.com

I’m currently in mine now, and intense is an understatement.

The Uranus Opposition is always about change and upheaval of your personal status quo.

It’s asking where are you not free, and what are you willing (or forced) to change in your life. More commonly known as your midlife crisis.

Mine started becoming stronger back in 2023 and will stay strong until April of 2025.


As a family caregiver you already have a sense of not being free.

My Uranus Opposition has amplified that feeling in me. There are times I do feel trapped in the current situation. And there were definitely times it was hard to take a break and run a errand. That has lessened but still occasionally pops up.

Conscious Actions I Take to Help Myself Feel Freer:

  • Schedule time away from home. Even it’s it just a few hours.
  • Make and try to keep plans with a friend (Which can challenging as a caregiver- but it has helped my mental state when I can do it.)
  • Diving down rabbit holes of astrology. Including the Uranus Opposition. Doing so helps with my mental freedom.


Another common caregiver feeling is guilt.

"I should have realized it might have been too challenging for her." OR "I took a day off, and I feel guilty for not preparing their meals, even though they are capable of doing it themselves.

My Uranus Opposition keeps reminding me that guilt is not a solution. It doesn't improve my mood or assist in completing necessary tasks.

Conscious Actions I Take to Help Myself Feel Less Guilt:

  • I use the Tapping/EFT app from The Tapping Solution  regularly. They also just added a series specifically for Family Caregivers.
  • Doing meditation is a practice I usually create for myself, but if you prefer not to, the Insight Timer app offers excellent guided sessions. I also contribute as a teacher on the app, although I don't have any guilt-releasing meditations recorded at the moment.
  • Coloring is surprisingly useful. I use a coloring app and when I start coloring a picture, I set the intention of when I’m done with the picture my guilt will have lessened and I do feel much calmer after I’m done.


Compassion for yourself.

“Am I doing enough?” “I don’t feel worthy of taking time for myself.” “They are more stressed than I am, I better take on more (without being asked) to help more.”

I learned about enoughness through my favorite astrologer Bonnie Gillespie. And I’m still learning. It’s about showing yourself how to be compassionate and caring with yourself, no matter what is happening in your life.

This is probably the biggest lesson I’m currently learning during my Uranus Opposition.

Whether you're caring for someone or just yourself, if your Uranus Opposition has or is unfolding in Taurus (which is ruled by Venus), you're likely to encounter enoughness issues. Brace yourself, it's going to be a powerful journey.

Conscious Actions I Take to Help Myself with Feeling Enough:

  • Give myself a hug daily. It was weird to do at first, but it’s one of my favorite easy ways to show myself I’m worthy of compassion too.
  • Have a meeting with myself every week and one of the agenda items is to list all that I can remember doing in the last week. It can be work accomplishments or something as simple as feeding the dogs or taking my Mom to the doctor. Those are ALL things that I accomplished.
  • Taking 44 Days with Venus class from Bonnie Gillespie. Because Venus rules Taurus, Venus’s influence is profound on any current Uranus Opposition.


The recommendations I have mentioned are not commissioned based. I don’t receive anything for recommending them. The only one that I may receive something is if you listen to my specific meditations on Insight Timer.


In case you are wondering anyone born while Uranus was in Scorpio you will have had or will have your Uranus Opposition in Taurus now or within a few years.

Uranus in Scorpio Estimated Dates (excluding retrogrades):

September 1975 to November 1981

Uranus in Taurus Estimated Dates (excluding retrogrades):

March 2019 to April 2026


I can’t tell you how this ends, because I’m still in the middle of my Uranus Opposition.

But I can tell you it has been wild so far. I wish all the best if your Uranus Opposition is approaching.

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