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Courageously Living

Creating Comfort: Presents to restore, tranquil spaces to explore & resources for ease 

Family Caregiving 🌿 Pet Loss 🌿 Grieving 🌿 Self-Reflection

Tara is available to discuss any resources or products that are featured on Courageously Living.

Check out the page: Book Tara as a Guest to get some ideas of what she willing to chat about. You can also find a downloadable PDF Versions there as well.

She also loves providing wisdom to other entrepreneurs based on her own journey and lessons she has acquired along the way.

For press inquiries please reach out to Courageously Living

Guest Appearances

Taking the Leap With Ortal Green

Courageously Living started as a joke that was done years ago.

Listen to this interview with our founder Tara on how Courageously Living products came to be!

Taking the Leap podcast is about leaving your job and going down the path of entrepreneurship, Tara has some words of wisdom, you won't want to miss.

Ortal Green works with emerging entrepreneurs you can check out her site here.

Click here to watch the interview on YouTube