Gifts for the Grieving

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  • 'Empathy' app for after someone dies

    This is a new app to keep track of the all of the items after someone dies. 

    When you sign up for the app it asks you who died and then customizes your experience. 

    It walks you through to-do items including the funeral planning, closing accounts, handling personal belongings etc. 

    *Tara doesn't receive a commission from this resource.

    Empathy website 
  • 'everplans' for planning for the unexpected

    Thinking of our own deaths can be hard and incredibly uncomfortable. 

    You may have an estate lawyer and depending on your estate, probably should.  

    However the everplans site, book and app are a great place to start. 

    Or maybe it's just a medical emergency that your family needs to access to pay bills or look up your doctor.

    Or maybe you're trying to proactively gather information about your aging parents.

    *Tara doesn't receive a commission from this resource.

    everplans website