Joy Turns 3

Joy Turns 3

Joy is actually older than Courageously Living.

I started #FindJoy in January of 2021, after realizing people wanted something easy to smile about especially since COVID was still going strong.

A toy otter named Joy is hidden in the picture

Joy’s First Picture at Como Park

So why keep going and why have her part of Courageously Living?

A few reasons come to mind:

  • People have told me how much they like Joy, even if they don’t “like” the post, (but it really does help me see engagement, when you like her posts! 😉 )


  • Personally, I’ve been doing a lot of caregiving these last few years and going out and taking pictures of Joy has been a bright spot in my world.


  • Courageously Living mainly focuses on topics that people don’t want to talk about until they have to. Joy adds a bit lightness to Courageously Living overall.


  • Caregiving and Grieving are hard. It’s hard to find things to even smile at, so having Joy just be in their feed can make someone’s day.


  • Several of Joy’s pictures are taken in nature, numerous studies have found being in nature can reduce cortisone the hormone that triggers stress. Sometimes people can’t get out to nature themselves, especially if they are caregiving, but Joy can bring a tiny bit of nature to them.


Where has Joy Been?

A few links are provided if you want to visit some of Joy’s favorite spots. 🦦

Como Zoo and Conservatory

Como Zoo and Conservatory

Como Conservatory with Joy Hiding

Colby Lake Park

Joy hiding at Colby Lake Park

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Joy at MN Arboretum

Carver Lake

 Joy at Carver Lake

Minnesota State Fair

MN State Fair

Joy at the Minnesota State Fair

Chicago Botanic Garden

Chicago Botanic Garden

Chicago Botanic Garden

And more! (Joy is incredibly careful to not disrupt plants or vegetation when she picks her spot to get her photo taken)

Joy also loves posing for random holidays to brighten someone’s day

Frankenstein Day

Frankenstein and Joy

National Homemade bread Day

Joy the toy otter in Bread

National Coffee Day

Joy spilled the "beans" coffee beans that is.

International Tea Day

Lots of Tea for Joy to hide in

Small Business Saturday

(Joy still came out on Friday in favor of a local shop for Small Business Saturday)

Joy hiding in the "We Are Nuts" sign


Currently Joy’s posts aren’t sponsored or use any affiliate links. However, contact us if you have an idea. #FindJoy comes out on Fridays.

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