My First Funeral

My First Funeral

I remember sitting on a hard huge bench looking at my white tights and my white shoes extended straight out in front me, nowhere near being able to touch the blue carpet. My godfather sitting next to me in fancy pants, but really I remember the fancy pants way more than it was my godfather. And his shoes touched the blue carpet. 

I was 2.

His mother had passed away, and my family, including me was attending her funeral.

My parents never shied away from having me go to funerals or talking about death.

Funerals were very much a part of my childhood. 


The Value of Early Experiences with Death

I'm thankful for those early experiences because they helped me come to terms with death. 

Attending those funerals without realizing it, I was building a foundation of knowledge that would eventually lead me down an unforeseen path. 

Now, after more than 60 funerals and celebrations of life, death and dying is a major topic and product focus of my business.


My Journey with Grief in Business


Initially, I was hesitant to incorporate grief into my work. I avoided it for a long time, or so I thought. 

In reality, people always came to me to discuss their grief, even if I didn't attend funerals. 

It wasn't until I spoke with a few friends who had never experienced anyone talking about the death of a child to them that I realized how uncommon it was for people to randomly share such personal stories with me. This happened to me on several occasions.

Over the years, I've experimented with including grief in my service-based business, but nothing ever felt quite right, and I wasn't truly invested in it.

Designing my retirement cards was a turning point for me. It made me realize that I could integrate my expertise in grief into tangible products instead of just services.

two cards from grief set

Understanding the Nuances of Grief: Creating Effective Products to Offer Support

Grief is a complex and ongoing process that extends far beyond the mourning period. While it's common for people to offer support immediately after the loss of a loved one, grief continues long after the funeral. As time passes, individuals may want to reminisce about cherished moments and share stories about their loved ones.

Recognizing the diverse needs and processes of those grieving, I realized that a single grief product wouldn't suffice. That's why I created a range of grief sets, each tailored to offer support in unique and meaningful ways.

My original grief sets include a mix of comfort cards and reflection questions, which help individuals process their emotions and celebrate the life of their loved one. In addition, I've created a set of cards that can be displayed as a reminder to those who need extra comfort, even when others have moved on with their lives.

Every iteration of these products fills my heart with gratitude, and love, knowing that these cards can help ease someone’s pain and sorrow.

 Comfort Card and Box

Offering Comfort with Expanded Grief Gifts Product Line

Grieving comes in all shapes and sizes, affecting people in different ways.

As time goes on, we plan to broaden our grief gifts product line even more. We would love to hear your thoughts.

If you have any suggestions for future grief products, please leave a comment or contact us through DM or email.



To anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one, know that you are in our thoughts and hearts.

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