3 Nature Spots in Central Florida

3 Nature Spots in Central Florida

Spot: Bok Tower Gardens



Overview of spot: Bok Tower Gardens has 250 acres. Divided into several large gardens and open areas. Making it easy to explore and find quiet spots to sit relax, reflect and heal.

Website:  Bok Tower Gardens  

Type of Spot: Garden

Cost: $$

Reservations: No reservations required

Indoors/Outdoors: Mostly Outside, with a few indoor buildings

Seating Availability: Plentiful

Terrain: Sidewalks, Gravel Paths, Dirt Paths, Paved Paths, Hills, Indoor Flooring (In Building), Grass

Known Busier Times: Weekends, Mother's Day

Recommend By: Kathy Wilken ( Tara's Mom!)

Recommender's Comments: 

Spot: Hollis Formal Garden



Overview of spot: This 1.2 acre formal garden is located within the historic Lake Mirror Park. Perfect for a quick spot to relax.


Website: Hollis Formal Garden

Type of Spot: Garden

Cost: Free; Donations Accepted

Reservations: No reservations required

Indoors/Outdoors: Outside

Seating Availability: Unknown

Terrain: Paved Paths, Tile Paths

Known Busier Times: Unknown

Recommend By: Trip Advisor

Recommender's Comments: From Trip Advisor this Garden has received 4.5 out of 5 for ratings.


Spot: Tiger Creek Preserve



Overview of spot: This Park Preserve has over 10 miles of hiking trails. It is more rustic than the other two options featured on in this blog post.

Website: Tiger Creek Preserve

 Type of Spot: Nature Preserve

Cost: Free

Reservations: No reservations required

Indoors/Outdoors: Outdoors

Seating Availability: Some

Terrain: Sand paths, Narrow Dirt paths 

Known Busier Times: Unknown

Recommend By: Trip Advisor

Recommender's Comments: From Trip Advisor this spot received a rating of 4 out of 5.



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