3 Quieter Spots Around Milwaukee WI

3 Quieter Spots Around Milwaukee WI

Spot: Mitchell Park Domes




Overview of spot: The Domes are a great indoor conservatory to see a variety of plants and flowers that flourish in different climates. And being inside makes this a perfect spot to go in inclement weather.

Website: Mitchell Park Domes 

Type of Spot: Conservatory

Cost: $$

Reservations: No Reservations Required

Indoors/Outdoors: Mostly Inside, there are a few gardens outside

Seating Availability: Some

Terrain:  Indoor Smooth Flooring, Indoor Rough Flooring

Known Busier Times: Weekends, Special Events

Recommend By: Elizabeth C.

Recommender's Comments: This is a great place to visit especially when the weather is nasty outside. Lots of greenery to help with the winter blues.


Spot: Milwaukee Art Museum



Overview of spot: The largest art museum in Milwaukee and also has a lot of natural light in several areas of the building.


Website:  Milwaukee Art Museum 

Type of Spot: Museum, Garden

Cost: $$

Reservations: No reservations required

Indoors/Outdoors: Mostly Indoors

Seating Availability: Plentiful

Terrain: Indoor Smooth flooring, Paved Paths, Gravel Paths

Known Busier Times: Weekends

Recommend By: Elizabeth C.

Recommender's Comments: Outside of special events this is a good spot for some quiet relaxed time.


Spot: Lynden Sculpture Garden



Overview of spot: This 40 acre park and sculpture garden is great place to be immersed in nature and art.

Website: Lynden Sculpture Garden  

Type of Spot: Nature and Sculpture Garden

Cost: Free; Donations recommended

Reservations: No reservations required

Indoors/Outdoors: Outside

Seating Availability: Some

Terrain: Grass

Known Busier Times: Weekends

Recommend By: Tripadvisor

Recommender's Comments: It has a 4.5  out of 5 rating on Tripadvisor as of May 2024.



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