18 Thoughtful Retirement Gifts Ideas for 2024

18 Thoughtful Retirement Gifts Ideas for 2024

Retirement. Years of work. Years of anticipation. However, beneath the excitement of retirement fears lurk too.

3 common retirement fears that aren’t finically or health related are:

  • Feeling Isolated and Alone
  • Loss of Mental Stimulation
  • Boredom or Lack of Direction

These retirement gift ideas are sure to calm the nerves, help alleviate the unspoken fears and give the retiree a thoughtful gift.

1) Memory Photo book

Custom Happy Retirement book cover

Putting together a photo book that spans their career or important milestones, is a great personal way to honor the retiree. There are lots of companies that offer a photo book option. One of our favorites is Canva, they have lots of templates and book options to choose from.

The Why:

Taking the time to create a memory book of their life achievements related to their career is such a personal and thoughtful gift that helps the retiree know how much they mean to you.


 Go to Canva's Website


2) Travel book

50 States 5000 Ideas Book Cover

50 States, 5000 Ideas Where to Go When to Go, What to See, What to Do. By National Geographic and Joe Yogerst

The Why:

A lot of retirees want to travel more after they retire, but not all of them know where they want to go. Giving them a travel book, sparks their curiosity and wanderlust.


Get 50 States 5000 Ideas Book on Amazon



3) Masterclass gift card

MasterClass Website

The Why:

Taking a class encourage mental stimulation. Now that they are retired they have time to take a class from someone who inspires them.

 Go to MasterClass website



4) National Park Scratch off poster

 National Parks Scratch off Poster

The Why:

Studies have shown being in nature helps cognitive, metal and physical health. Give the retiree the fun idea to visit all the US National Parks! 

Get US National Parks Scratch Off Poster on Amazon



5) America The Beautiful National Park Pass

Park Pass

The Why:

Why not, get them the park pass to go with their National Park scratch off poster!

 Go to US Park Pass website


6) StoryWorth

StoryWorth example book cover

The Why:

When someone retiree’s they don’t suddenly lose all their knowledge. In fact most want to continue to share their knowledge. This is a great gift to give a family member who is retiring. What is cool about this site is the giftgiver gets to pick the question from the library each week and Storyworth emails the recipient. At the end of the year all of their answers are bond into a book.

 Go to StoryWorth website


7) Membership, Season Tickets or Gift Cards to Places They Love

Stock images of tickets and memberships

If you're looking for a gift for someone special, consider getting them a membership, season tickets or a gift card to a place they've always wanted to visit, join or attend. It could be somewhere they already love or a place they've been dreaming of going to when they retire.

Some examples could be:

  • Gift card to go to several movies.
  • Year membership to a fitness center
  • Season tickets for their favorite theater.

The Why:

Engaging in enjoyable activities is an excellent way for retirees to maintain a sense of belonging within their community. Additionally, this particular gift makes for a great group gift idea. A group gift can be a budget-friendly choice that enables many people to contribute to the present.




8) Countdown Retirement Cards


Countdown Retirement Set

The Why:

As retirement approaches, a mix of emotions can arise. Make it special with our 20 Work Days to Retirement gift set. The set  comes with 20 cards to open, each with a reflection question about their career, future retirement, or an action item to complete before they retire.

Shop "Countdown Retirement Cards Gift Set" on our site 



9) Personalized Crossword Puzzle

Personalized Crossword puzzle

The Why:

If they love doing crossword puzzles, what better way than to do a crossword puzzle where you get to customize a few clues for them to solve!


 Go to Uncommon Goods website


10) Take the retiree out to dinner at their favorite restaurant and pay for dinner

Stock images of restaurants

The Why:

Not every retiree wants more physical stuff, especially if they are trying to downsize. Spending time with them, hearing their stories, sharing how they impacted your life, can be an incredibly thoughtful gift.



11) Give a book on Retirement

  Retirement Your Way Book Cover 

Retirement Your Way by Gail M. McDonald and Marilyn L. Bushey

The Why:

After the initial excitement of retiring has worn off, a lot of retirees become lost while trying to find their new purpose. This book discuss ways to find purpose after a career has ended.


Get Retirement Your Way on Amazon 




12) Alice’s Table Gift Card

Alice's Table Gift Card

The Why:

Like the MasterClass above, any class can enhance mental stimulation. But Alice’s Table adds several fun additional twists. Most of the classes have a physical component too, the best part they ship your recipient all the items they need to work along side the on-demand class. They also offer live-classes if that is something the retiree would enjoy more. A private live class, is minimum of just 15 people, so maybe the your family does something with the retiree that they want to learn how to make. Or maybe they have a group of retiree friends that want to take a class together. There are lots of options with this gift.


Go to Alice's Table website 



13) Retirement Dice

 A box with Retirement Dice

The Why:

Thoughtful gifts don’t always have to be serious. This die adds a bit of playfulness and randomness to their day. Boredom often sets in when play and randomness diminish. Even something small like this dice, can add a smile to their day.


Get Retirement Dice on Amazon 


14) Invite the Retiree over for their favorite dinner

dinner with friends

The Why:

Making someone feel special with their favorite home cooked dinner is a great way to keep the family or friendship bonds strong.



15) Grandbox

 Grandbox mailer box

The Why:

Many people who are retiring are already grandparents. This would be a cute retirement gift from a grandchild. It includes a brain game and dietary restrictions for the retiree. The other thing that is cool about this gift subscription is you can include photos and a letter to them which making it even more personalized.

Go to Grandbox website 


16) Retirement Gift Set: Classic Version

 Classic Retirement Gift Set


The Why:

Taking time to reflect on their career and what they want to have in retirement can be a great way to start off retirement. Our Classic Retiree gift box allows the retiree to reflect on their career and plan for their future.



17) Set a reminder to Call ( or text) a Retiree

Stock Image of someone texting

About 6 months or so after someone retirees, call them! Setting a reminder to call or text will help ensure you follow through.

The Why:

Retirees can feel isolated after they settle into retirement. Checking in on them via calling or text, whichever they prefer, can make their day. It’s simple gesture that can make a big impact on their emotional well-being.


18) Retirement Gift Set: Premium version

Retirement Premium Gift Set 

The Why:

Taking time to reflect on their career and what they want to have in retirement can be a great way to start off retirement. Our Premium Retiree gift set allows the retiree to reflect on their career and plan for their future, while enjoying some extra comfort with premium Tea and Coffee.


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