Custom Astrology Books

Curious how Astrology can provide you insights in to your daily life?

Tara offers a custom created Astrology book for adults and children.

These books are a labor of love, so she only takes a few orders at a time.

She uses a whole sign system to generate the birth chart, but then each book is created by research, cultivation and intuition.

Astrology can provide insights into your or your child's personality.

With all the information out there it can quickly become overwhelming.

These custom books bring the heavens down to earth, for you.

Providing you precise and clear ways to begin understanding and integrating your personal astrology into your daily life.

From embracing your natural traits to understanding why some things are more of a struggle for you.

These unique books simply and effortlessly give great insight into your or your child's personality.

  • Common Astrology Signs

    Most people know their sun sign (Leo, Virgo, Scorpio etc.), but their rising and moon signs also play a significant role in someone's personality. (This is why your birthdate and time are required)

    An indepth look into all three are included!

  • For the Adult's Book

    There are points in astrology that help you lead a more fulfilling life if you lean into these specific strengths.

    Note: The points are specifically excluded from the children books, so the kiddos can just be kids and create their own discovery of their world.

  • For the Children's Book

    Tips and examples on how to help them embrace their natural tendencies based on their rising, sun and moon signs.

  • For the Adult, Child Set

    Wouldn't it be nice to know where you and your kiddo are going to be in sync and where you might have a some differences? This set includes insights on both!

Interested in getting your own book for you or for a gift to give?

To order any of the custom astrology books, you need to provide:

  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • City, State (if applicable) and Country

If that information isn't provided a book cannot be created for you.

Filling out the form first helps you and Tara ensure she has all the necessary information to create your book, before you buy.

These custom created books take approximately 4 weeks to receive after your payment is processed.

Cost of books:

Custom Adult Astrology Book: $120 + tax

Custom Child Astrology Book: $115 + tax

Set of a Custom Adult and Child Astrology Book: $220 + tax (savings of ~6%, if purchased separately.)

Set of 2 Custom Adult books: $230 + tax (savings of ~4%, if purchased separately)

Important Infomation


  • Custom Adult Astrology Book: $159
  • Custom Child Astrology Book: $129
  • Custom Adult and Child Book Set: $249 (savings of $39, if purchased seperately.)
  • Set of 2 Adult Custom Books: $279 (savings of $39, if purchased seperately.)

Book Creation Time

Creating, publishing and binding the book will take approximately 4 weeks.

Because each book takes significant time to create, there are limited spots available to get your book by the holidays. Tara works on the books in the order she receives the completed order and payment. She doesn't use pre-written astrology software, so each book is uniquely created for each person.


  1. You complete the Order Request form here.
  2. Tara reviews the submission and may ask you clarify questions.
  3. When step 2 is complete, Tara will send a payment link.
  4. Once your payment has been received, Tara creates your custom book.
  5. Tara sends book to printer.
  6. The printer prints, binds and ships book directly to you.
  7. You get awesome insights into your life!!

How data is handled

Tara understands the importance of handling sensitive data.

Once you submit your request form data is kept for roughly 30 days, if no order is placed within that time frame personal birth data is deleted.

When an order is placed, the birth data is deleted after roughly 60 days of you receiving your order.


  • Shipping is free.
  • Book will ship directly from the printer.
  • Currently these books are available to ship in the continental USA only.

Returns and Refunds

These are completely custom books, so there are no returns or refunds.

If you have an issue please reach out to us.


Any purchase from Courageously Living will show up on your statement as Tara Wilken LLC.

A bit of praise

I just wanted to say that Tara Wilken at CourageouslyLiving created a generously detailed, insightful and high-quality, hardcopy book of my astrological profile. This well-crafted book covers numerous aspects and influences across my three signs. Tara organizes the information in a simplistic, yet intuitive way; allowing me to use the information on a daily basis and in my daily activities. I’ve known a bit about astrology over the years but I never knew there was so much more to be discovered - but thanks to Tara’s efforts, everything has now changed.

Additionally, Tara was absolutely wonderful to work with… and she’s very responsive and customer focused from start to finish!

Lastly, the quality of the materials used in constructing this hardcopy book was second to none.

So, without hesitation, I would definitely recommend Tara’s astrological products for anyone who is looking to discover more insightful/useful information about their astrological profile, delivered in a top-quality/easy to understand format.

~Dwight B


These books are for entertainment purposes only. For any financial, medical, legal, relationship etc advice refer to a licensed professional.

No guarantee can be provided as to the accuracy of any custom book. YOU are responsible for your own life choices, actions, and decisions.

Tara Wilken or Courageously Living of Tara Wilken LLC are not liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from using the expert advice available in any content, including consultations, custom books, articles reports etc.