3 General Outdoor Quieter Spots to Consider

3 General Outdoor Quieter Spots to Consider

If you live  in or are visiting a city there are almost always some places where it's easier to find some quiet spots. Here are a few options.

A Local Park

Several cities or counties operate Community Parks a lot of them being free of change.

Look for ones near your home where you could go for a bit.

Sometimes you feel exhausted and don’t want to go for a walk.

Look up parks in your city that lists benches or picnic tables to help you decide where to go.

Tara’s Thoughts: Sometimes I would go and park and just sit in my car, especially if the weather was not conducive to being outside. It’s also gives you a way to let your guard down a bit if you are in your vehicle. However still beware of your surroundings especially if you aren’t familiar with the park. I would normally back into a spot so I could see more around me. It gave me down time that I was desperately seeking.


Extra Bonus points: If you Joy the toy otter in the picture. You can read more about her here.

A Local Nature Center

There are smaller nature centers that can be great place to go and unwind a bit. They also tend to be less busy then larger one. And most of the time they have benches to sit on.

Tara’s Thoughts: I tend to pick Nature centers when I’m okay with walking for a bit and then finding a bench to sit and rest at. But they can great if you want to move your body more.

A Body of Water

Depending on where you live, going to a lake, river or even the ocean can be beneficial to you when you feel overwhelmed.

Most of the time you can find a spot where it’s less busy than some of the popular spots.

Tara’s Thoughts: Depending on how I’m feeling dictates what type of water I will go to. If I just want to look and not focus on anything I tend to go a lake. But if I’m trying to decide on something I tend to pick moving water like the river. No matter what it always calms me.

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